Angels…watching and guiding you!

Photo by Robbie Kaye
Photo by Robbie Kaye

Angels are with you watching and guiding you along your life path.

There are different types of angels such as spirit guides, guardian angels, muses, angels and Archangels. You have the choice whether or not to believe in them, see them, receive messages from them and/or follow the Divine Guidance they send to you. This ability to choose is a result of one of God’s greatest gifts, it is called free will. It is important to know that because of free will, angels cannot intervene in your life without your permission unless an emergency situation warrants it.

It is easy to think that your need for help is for something trivial and that it would be bothering them if you asked for assistance. Or maybe you think that the situation is too complicated and they wouldn’t want to get involved. Any situations, doubts or fears you have can become an obstacle in your life that delays progress temporarily or permanently if not dealt with. I am here to tell you that there is no situation too small or too big for the angels to assist you with. They are waiting to help you…


Ask and ye shall RECEIVE…

You need to know that the help you receive may not come in the form that you expect or want it to. It is necessary to be aware so that it is not missed, even if you ask for clear signals or signs. Once received, if you have any doubts, it is not offensive to ask for clarity of the information or confirmation of your interpretation of it. Assistance received is in accordance with your life plan, lessons needing learned and for your highest and greatest good as well as the Universal Laws.

Everything happens for a reason and at the right time.

Nothing happens by chance or before it is suppose to.

**There are also earth angels (lightworkers) who are here in human form to enlighten through their teachings and healings.**


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