Do you look or do you see?

                   I pose this question because there is a difference between looking and seeing just like there is a difference between hearing and listening but that is a conversation for another post.

It is important to consciously know this in order to receive visual messages sent to you within the physical world from the spiritual realm. You may be missing many messages/answers because when looking at something it is seen as a whole like clouds. Other times, messages sent to you may not be given a second thought or consciously recognized like animals.

As the saying goes…SEEING IS BELIEVING!

“Life in the fast lane” seems to be an appropriate phrase to describe what I see every day…everyone in a hurry to get somewhere and so caught up in this daily rush that it blinds them to what could be seen.

Do you remember looking at the clouds as a kid and seeing animals, objects or even faces?

Do you still see them as an adult or do you just see clouds?

When I look at clouds, I scan them for messages from the spiritual realm. There are numerous entries in my spiritual journal about what I have seen in them. The photos used for my book covers I took from my backyard. Do you see the angel in them?

Both Books

Just the other day while a passenger in the car (which is a great time for cloud gazing), I was looking at a very large cloud. All of a sudden in the middle of the cloud, I saw it. I will admit that I was a little startled at first but then stared in amazement. You are wondering what I saw, right? I saw the clearest image of the face of Jesus looking down at me. WOW!!

A word of caution though so you do not feel any unnecessary disappointment…others may not see what you do. There can be many factors for this so please remember that it is ok either way. Who knows they may see something that you do not. Example: On the first book cover above, I saw the angel but when I asked a friend to look, she saw a face in the cloud. It wasn’t until we pointed out what we saw to the other that we both saw the same things.

As for animals, they are seen every day and easily taken for granted or not given a second thought. Animals are great messengers. Have you ever wondered the reason for an animal to cross your path or appear to you? When I say appear to you I mean show up to you. Example: There is a privacy fence surrounding the backyard, yet on a few occasions I have gone out on the patio and found a turtle just outside the screen looking at me.


It is the same turtle each time. How do I know this? There is a gash on his shell and I look for it every time he shows up. After acknowledging him and saying thank you, he leaves and disappears. Pay close attention to animals that exhibit behavior out of the norm because they are trying to deliver a message to you and will keep trying until you receive it. I have seen a butterfly and a dragonfly hit against the patio screen repeatedly while flying circles in a frenzy or sit on the patio screen for many hours trying to get my attention. Once seen and acknowledged, they flew away.

 If you have wondered or taken notice (seen), did you take the next step to seek out a possible meaning for it? It can be a message, confirmation or an answer to something. There are many reference books to the meanings but my favorite is “Animal Spirit Guides” by Stephen D. Farmer, PhD. They can also show up as a means of protection such as crossing the road to slow you down, regain your attention to your driving, delay you to avoid an accident, etc.

Nature is full of messengers with messages, this includes people.

I encourage you to TAKE the time to slow down and SEE what is around you!

Once you “see”, it is very, very important to express your gratitude…a simple “thank you” will do. This lets the messenger know that they have been seen and the message received. If you are unclear or unsure about the intended message after seeking out the meaning through reference books and/or gut instinct, all you need to do is ask for clarity or confirmation to be sent.


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