From my book “Enlighten & Inspire Me” :

“The caterpillar lives its life until the time comes when it knows it must make a cocoon and be transformed. When the transformation is complete the cocoon cracks open and what emerges but a beautiful butterfly with wings to fly.

Spiritual awakening is much the same although unlike a butterfly our instincts of what to do once it happens are not as natural. So we seek help, knowledge, guidance from those who have awakened before us.

I was told at one point in my spiritual journey that I was a butterfly sitting on a branch just moving my wings.

So even though we are butterflies and able to fly, things can keep us from doing so.

I was then told I needed to trust myself, in all that I know and fly off that branch.

I took the advice and have been flying ever since.

Think about your life and where you are.

Are you a caterpillar, a cocoon or a butterfly?”


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