“Love and Light”

I sat here this morning thinking about all that is going on in the world.

There is some form of darkness almost everywhere I turn.

  I wondered…

“What will it take for things to change?”

Answer received:  “It will take Love and Light”

“Where does it start?”

Answer received: “It starts with you and me.”

“When does it begin?”

Answer received: “It begins NOW!”

   Individually we are single drops of water but together we are a fountain…projecting upward, reflecting the Light and creating ripples for change.


This is a poem from my book, “Enlighten & Inspire Me”:

“Through Love and Light, we awaken

To abilities that are not forsaken

Through Love and Light, inner peace can be found

The calm and silence a beautiful sound

Through Love and Light, we can enlighten others

In the Light we are sisters and brothers

Through Love and Light, balance is created

Giving us strength not anticipated

Through Love and Light, a better world we make

A moment or two is all it can take

Through Love and Light, change can take place

With a smile, laugh or simple embrace

Through Love and Light, this is the way

To make a difference everyday”

Written by Robbie Kaye

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