Do you sleep?

Do you wake up feeling tired even after many hours of sleep?

Do you have dreams?

If so, do you remember them?

Do your dreams feel life-like?

Do you have nightmares?

     You may or may not be aware of the possibility of this happening. When your physical body and conscious state of mind are relaxed and resting, it is easy to enter a dream state. This state is the perfect opportunity for a clear connection to be made to the spiritual world. It is important to keep in mind that “time” does not exist in the spiritual realms so messages, information, warnings and answers can be sent to you at any time here in the physical world. The clear connection during this state is like one that can be obtained through meditation. During this connection, your soul (subconscious) is active while the conscious or physical state of mind is not and this can make you to feel tired upon waking. After all, your soul is who you are.

     The spiritual realm uses this dream state as a portal to send information to you in the form of video or video clips, like watching a movie or commercials. These are sent in the least threatening way possible. The intention is not to scare you, only for the information to be received. With this in mind, you may see familiar faces so I caution you not to jump to the conclusion that it is about them before taking the whole dream into account (or at least as much as you can remember) or you may miss the meaning of the message. Pay attention to anything that sticks out or has emphasis put on it…..phrases, feelings, objects, behaviors, animals, etc. as this may be the intended message to be received. Also pay close attention to recurring dreams or themes. If you do not remember your dreams or dreaming, there are reasons for it. One reason is that some information is sent for future use and stored until needed. Another is that it takes a conscious effort and practice to remember, bringing the knowledge into the consciousness.

Astral Travel

     Not only does the portal allow you to receive messages but it can also allow you to visit parallel realms or dimensions, past lives,  or other parts of this physical world. Better known as astral travel or an out-of-body experience, it is when the soul leaves the physical body. In this state, you have an active role in the video. All five of your senses can work so besides seeing, you may feel, hear, smell and/or taste during it. You may see it through your own eyes as it is happening,  you may see it as an observer or you may see it both ways. It is somewhat difficult to describe exactly how it feels to astral travel but I can tell you from all the journeys I have taken, it is amazing. Have you ever experienced de ja vu? The realization that you are experiencing something that you have already experienced only the first time it didn’t occur in the physical world. When you stop and think about it, isn’t this validation?

     I believe that nightmares are used by the Darkness as an attempt to deter/keep you from following your spiritual path and/or doing your intended work in the Light. Your fears, doubts, guilt, worries and insecurities are used to create the nightmare(s). The intention here is clearly to scare you.

Psychic protection or spiritual self-defense should be used at all times but especially before any form of sleep or loss of consciousness.

Please note that in taking care of yourself, you can ask the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Light for a specific amount of sleep or a night off and you shall receive it.


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