Killing Guns

I have been watching broadcast after broadcast and reading article after article about the use of guns in mass murders.

When is it going to be understood that weapons are material objects incapable of committing murder.

People commit murder!

God gave all of us free will. That is having the ability to make your own choices and with this ability comes the personal accountability/responsibility of the consequences that are a result of each choice made.

It is the person who chooses to kill that commits murder and with that choice holds full accountability/responsibility for his/her actions.

Victims are created when a person’s choice directly affects others with a negative consequence.

There are NO EXCUSES for negative actions, speaking, feelings or thinking.

There may be circumstances or outside influences but there are no excuses.

With the turmoil in today’s world, there are plenty of issues to place blame on like race, religion, politics, history, gender, crime, terrorism and economics. There are those who seem to encourage placing the blame in order to keep or add to the turmoil, some of whom hold positions where they should be setting a positive example by encouraging just the opposite. Are they seeking to gain control or create a legacy?

With free will, it is important to know that nobody can make you do, say, feel or think anything unless you ALLOW IT.  If you allow this then you are giving another person, thing or event power over you. That is your choice.

Remember…YOU, AND ONLY YOU are responsible/accountable/liable for each and every choice you make.


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