Go Back?

With all the talk last week about the movie “Back to the Future”, I was asked, “If you could go back in time, where would you go?” Without hesitation I answered, “I wouldn’t go anywhere.” Then I was asked, “Really?”. I replied, “I have no reason to.”


The reason I wouldn’t go anywhere is because I have already been there…I have lived it.

Those who do not believe or those who may not be consciously connected to the Light may be asking…

What is she talking about? Is this crazy talk?

I am talking about past lives.

I am very fortunate and blessed, like many others, to have visited or seen my past lives, at least some of them thus far.

Through astral travel during dreams and meditation, I have re-experienced certain past lives while others I have viewed as if I was watching a movie clip. By bringing these experiences into my conscious state, I have been able to document them in my spiritual journal. Let me note that before I was able to do this, I was told about a couple of my past lives and received confirmation of them from others (whom I trust) through readings and even reiki sessions.

 Like Atlantis, Egypt, America (during different centuries) and many others.

Past lives are known by the “higher self” or soul and even though you may not remember them consciously, they affect your present life. There can be clues to them in this life though. Clues like the kind of movies you like to watch, historical events that spark an interest in you or even things that you are afraid of, to name a few.

Not to change the subject but these can also be clues to parallel lives in other realms to this one.

It is important to note that any vow made in a past life carries forward into all future lives until the vow is severed.

Whether it is through the assistance of others or through the strengthening your own abilities (or both), learning about your past lives is very beneficial helping you to better understand yourself and your life.


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