Today is Friday the 13th!

Many people associate this day as being an unlucky day and it is the reason should something “bad” happen.

Of course, superstitions such as this are talked about and taught throughout history.

Being of spiritual nature, not a superstitious one, I know that we can not take everything we are taught or hear about as children as “truth” for our entire lives without question. Looking back at history with an open mind at all sides of the story and utilizing the intuition God has given each of us, helps us to determine our own “truth”.

What is the main cause?


What is the main purpose?


Instill fear into others and you gain control over them.

In history, events or objects have been or were made to be associated with the number 13 and with Friday for validation.

Norse Myth: A banquet was held for Baldur, the god of nobility, in which the twelve Norse gods attended. An uninvited guest also attended making it 13. This uninvited guest was the trickster, Loki. After the banquet, Baldur was killed by Hoor with a magic spear given to him by Loki.

Christianity: The Last Supper was attended by the twelve disciples and Jesus (making 13) and believed to be held on a Friday. Some deem this as an omen to the fate of Jesus.

The Knights Templar: This Order was a fighting force for 200 yrs. that became so powerful it was perceived by authority figures (kings and popes) as a threat. So on Friday, October 13, 1307, the men of King Philip IV of France conducted a raid against the Knights Templar. The raid was so massive that it became known as the decimation of the Knights Templar.

Tarot Card 13: This card is the Death card which many fear as meaning “loss of life” only. This is definitely not the case as this card represents transformation, change and transition which we experience throughout life as we grow.

Moon: The moon is a symbol of femininity. It has been associated with psyche, magic and emotion. There are 13 moons in a calendar year thus the number 13 can be perceived as a representation of femininity as it relates to the moon.

Think back in history….would this have been feared by men and made to be feared by all to suppress its power?

So much emphasis is placed on the negativity associated with this number instead of the positive.

In numerology, the number 13 can be broken down with the number 1 relating to beginnings, initiation, unity and the number 3 relating to creation, completion, advancement, mystery, order. Thus the number 13 relates to the bringing about of the union of opposites and building a foundation for the future.


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