Creating Positive Change

Possibly one of the most popular topics discussed is the Law of Attraction. There are many books, seminars and retreats about this law. The basic concept is that energy attracts like energy….positive to positive and negative to negative. The old saying “opposites attract” does not apply here. So to create positive change, positive energy is required. Where does this energy … More Creating Positive Change

Seeking Enlightenment for the New Year?

As the new year approaches, many are looking ahead wondering what is in store for them and some are preparing the infamous New Year’s resolution. It may be one general resolution or it may be a list of specific changes that one wants to make in his/her life. Either way, some sort of change or continuation of change is usually sought. … More Seeking Enlightenment for the New Year?

A Time of Giving

Christmas is known as a time of giving. When thinking about it, most people concentrate on the material gifts that are exchanged at this time each and every year. Does it matter what the size of the gift or the price of the gift is? Bigger is not better! How did Christmas, a celebration of … More A Time of Giving