Seeking Enlightenment for the New Year?

As the new year approaches, many are looking ahead wondering what is in store for them and some are preparing the infamous New Year’s resolution. It may be one general resolution or it may be a list of specific changes that one wants to make in his/her life. Either way, some sort of change or continuation of change is usually sought.

As for me, I prepare for the new year by getting what is called a “Year at a Glance” reading from my good friend, Lori McDaniel. It gives you insight to your upcoming year. Information provided in this reading include: a look at each month of the year, an overall theme for the year and an additional animal guide for the year. Also birthdate numerology has been added to give you insight about your ‘self’.

Your life path number tells a lot about you/this life and is the sum of all the numbers in your birthdate reduced down to a single digit. (except master numbers 11, 22, 33)

Example:   2/14/1945     2+5+19=26      2+6=8          Life Path Number 8

(Meanings/traits of life path numbers can be found throughout the web.)*there may be variations so accept those which resonate as truth to you*

I just had this reading on Saturday and yesterday was doing research to see if I could find any new information on my Life Path Number that I didn’t already know. During my search on my life path number 33, I read different sites and some of the comments/questions that were written on them. As I read their comments, I could feel the disappointment and even the lack of worth in their words because their life path number did not calculate to a master number. All of a sudden it struck me that I needed to make a comment but I thought about it for a little while because I didn’t want the person who’s site it was to think I was overstepping any boundaries. So with spiritual guidance, I stepped out of my comfort zone and wrote this:

“I enjoyed your article about life path number 33…my path number. After reading some of the comments though, I would like to say that tools like numerology (and others) are very useful in understanding one’s “self” and it is through this understanding that we can become who we are meant to be. These tools are not meant to be used as validation of one’s existence. Through seeking one’s truth, knowledge and wisdom is gained that not only helps you but can be used to serve others. It does not matter how many people you help, just that you do. Please do not let ego get in the way of seeking enlightenment into your higher self.”

I tried to wait patiently for any type of reply and after a while  I received one….”Well said :)” is what was written. It was from the person I was concerned about overstepping boundaries with. I gave thanks for the spiritual guidance to speak out and for the positive reply.

You may be wondering where all this leads to. Well, it is important to seek enlightenment with the many tools God provides us with (numerology, astrology, psychic readings, your own intuition, etc.) but it is even more important to know that while doing so that each and every one of us has a purpose on this earth…in this lifetime and no one is more important or better than another. Please do not compare yourself to others. There is no comparison to be made because their path is not yours and vice versa.

Spiritual Enlightenment is an individual, personal journey of rediscovery and learning that you choose whether or not to share with others. Patience is a tool that is required. Some things will seem to happen quickly while other things may take time to develop. Everything happens for a reason and at the right time according to God’s Divine Plan.

Always remember whether you are on your path or have strayed from it,

you are God’s child…he loves you,

he is always with you,

he is ready to help when you ask

and you are worthy.

**Something I always remind people of is this…readings are not set in stone because things can change based on the choices that you make afterwards. It is the free will God gave us that allows for this otherwise we would be like puppets on a string.**


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