Creating Positive Change

Possibly one of the most popular topics discussed is the Law of Attraction. There are many books, seminars and retreats about this law. The basic concept is that energy attracts like energy….positive to positive and negative to negative. The old saying “opposites attract” does not apply here. So to create positive change, positive energy is required.

Where does this energy come from?

It comes from your thoughts, feelings, words and actions!


Changes are goals. Keep in mind that some changes will occur quickly while others will take time and planning. Some will be easy, possibly just needing to be practiced in order to become second nature while others may be more complex such as major life changes requiring patience. Whether the positive change(s) you seek are minor or major, the same three steps are used. You may be asking or wondering, what steps?


You need to make the conscious choice for the change. God’s gift to the human race is free will, the ability to choose. Pondering, weighing your options, overcoming obstacles (including outside influences) are all things that may need to be dealt with before making your choice.


It is this belief that gives you strength, motivation and determination to make the change. It will also provide you with protection from nay-sayers and help with patience. Patience is about the ability to wait but maybe more importantly the ability to remain positive while doing it.

Remember: Opposites do not attract! Any self-sabotage such as doubt, lack of self-worth or other self-denying thoughts or feelings need to be acknowledged and released as quickly as possible.


This action can be in the form of words, research, planning and doing. It could be talking positively, showing enthusiasm, asking for help in acting or any effort towards making the intended change. It doesn’t matter the size of the action just that there is some. The Universe will respond to the smallest ripple made in your pool of water (life).

It is a good idea to break down your main goal into smaller goals that can be reached at different stages in the process. What happens when you make progress toward something even if reaching the desired goal is slow? Don’t you feel good about yourself and your life – feeling alive as it lifts you higher than where you were beforehand. This is called SUCCESS! Each success boosts your self-esteem and the momentum of the positive energy flow. Every action taken and every action completed is a success and it is all of these successes that will get you to the desired goal which I like to call the ULTIMATE SUCCESS ACHIEVEMENT!

Now there may be set backs or obstacles along the way but your strengthened self belief and the momentum created from the previous success(es) can be used to overcome them. It is important to remember that everything happens for a reason and there are lessons to be learned in this life so don’t let any set backs along the way keep you from striving forward and know when it is necessary to make adjustments/revisions to the process or the main goal you have chosen.

God will direct you where you need to be according to his Divine Plan but it is your choice (free will) whether or not to follow his direction.

****I want you to be aware the Law of Attraction is only one of the 12 Universal Laws at work in the Universe.****


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