Break the Chains that Bind You (Part 2)


You have probably seen this somewhere in the social media formats:

False Evidence Appearing Real

Choices or decisions can be made based on fear whether you consciously realize it or not. It can keep you from moving forward in a positive way, from chasing your dreams or from just being you.

Fear can paralyze you mentally, emotionally and even physically.

Fear can also paralyze you spiritually.

Excuses are created in an attempt to justify a fear and may camouflage the true base fear that needs to be overcome.

There are many types of fear.

Fear Of

From fear, that is known or not, you can go into a negative self defense mode. For example, bringing others down in order to lift yourself up or feel like you are, such as in cases of discrimination and bullying.

From fear, self-sabotage occurs.

When your fear controls you (which is its purpose), you may not realize the paralysis caused because you have made it part of your life.  An example of this is… I do not like the water, more specifically I do not like my head under water. It’s not that I don’t go in water, I just go in until it is to my shoulders with my feet touching the bottom so as a result I don’t swim or participate in water activities.

This fear may have been caused by the incident as a child where I was in a lake having fun with everyone else until I slipped down an embankment and found myself under the water unable to regain my footing immediately. At this point, panic set in because I knew I was in trouble and could die. I managed to get back to where my feet were on higher ground and my head was again above the water level. As I looked around at the others, it didn’t seem as though anyone had noticed what happened. Did I save myself or was it Divine Intervention?

The effects can be directly from the fear itself or from the side effect created from fear which is worry. Worry can make the imagination go wild with negative thoughts placing the focus on that negativity. Worry does not give you back control. Often times when you worry it consumes you, which can cause physical ailments and takes precious time away that you can never get back.  Have you ever said or been told, “you were worried for nothing”?

Reasons or causes of fear can be apparent when the base fear is exposed or admitted. Maybe the fear was taught in which case…anything that is learned can be unlearned. Take the example above…that incident could definitely cause my fear of having my head under water. Right?

What if I told you that it could go deeper than that? You may find with the help of others, called intuitives or psychics, that a fear originated in a past life which effects every life you live thereafter until it is dealt with.  As is the case with my fear. I found out that my fear stems from the witch trial where I was dunked repeatedly in order to obtain a confession. Upon hearing this, I knew it to be true.

It is very important to explore your fears, getting rid of all of the excuses, exposing the base fear for what it is and the possible reason(s) for it.

By doing this you take back control, gaining a better understanding of it and yourself along with the ability (courage) to move forward in a positive direction despite the fear or by releasing the fear and/or worry.

I am happy to say that I have taken positive steps toward overcoming my fear of my head being under water. Always asking God, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, the Angels, my Guardian Angels and my Spirit Guides for their help and support.  First step: I put my face in the shower. (Before I would only wash my face in the sink) Second step: I put my head under water in the bathtub. Third step: Went under water in the pool.

It doesn’t matter the size of step you take forward, just that you take it.

With practice and conscious effort, you can make releasing your fear/ worry to God, praying for what you are not in control of and asking for spiritual help and support from the Light a part of your life.

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