Break the Chains that Bind You (Part 3)


 It is natural to use defense or coping mechanisms. They are often used in times of crisis, loss, abuse, stress, etc. in order to get through an experience or situation you may or may not have control over. They are meant to give you time to work through any emotions associated with the situation, to gain perspective through clear thinking and explore possible solutions to get past it. All of these things are part of the healing process.

In other words, a temporary wall is built for self-protection.

 The problem arises when these mechanisms become permanent. This can happen from things like unforgiveness, fear, jealousy, vengefulness, avoidance or dismissal of the situation, etc. It can also happen when there is not a solution to fix a problem because you cannot make others change or the aspects are not truly dealt with. When a wall becomes permanent, the healing stops and it becomes an obstacle to overcome in order to move forward. Sometimes you don’t even realize consciously that the wall was built because it has become an automatic safety measure for you. Other times you may think you have removed the wall but haven’t or at least not totally. This wall doesn’t allow anything in or received, negative or positive, which is not its intended purpose. Any lesson to be learned from it can get buried so what should have made you aware and stronger is part of the barrier that can keep you from “living” life.

 When walls are built they can be accompanied by blocks that are created without conscious awareness that do the opposite of the wall. Blocks keep you from letting anything out, in other words giving. Even if a wall has been totally removed, the block that may have been created with it does not automatically get removed as well. Once created the two become separate obstacles to overcome.

 So simply put, a wall keeps you from receiving and a block keeps you from giving.

There needs to be a balance between giving and receiving.

Do you give finding it difficult to receive?

Do you receive but find it difficult to give?

The scale will teeter one way then the other but should not stay on either side.

To get rid of the walls and blocks, you have to become aware of their existence. A common place for walls to be built is around the heart and blocks can be of the mind. Clues that walls or blocks exist within you include over compensation, not feeling, negative attitude, misdirected reactions, disconnection, ill will toward certain people, etc. Examine your entire life for any situation, occurrence or experience that a wall could have been created for and allow yourself to relive it safely knowing that it is just a replay. Be honest with yourself, feel any emotion associated with it, forgive others if needed, accept self-forgiveness and release anything not in your control to God so you can be fully healed.

Help from God, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, your Guardian Angels and your Spirit Guides is always available to you for support, guidance and protection… JUST ASK.

 What can happen if you do nothing to get rid of the walls and blocks?

They control you, can consume you and can keep you from feeling “alive”. Basically you can just exist, functioning as if on auto pilot or a robot, just going through the motions of your life each day. It can appear to others from the outside that all is well but inside you are not or at least parts of you depending on how many walls and blocks exist. This can lead to illness, depression, bitterness, meanness, feeling lost, being without purpose, isolation, anger, hate, etc. and the ripple effect will make all the aspects of your life affected. You will find yourself in a dark place becoming a different person, someone you don’t recognize or want to see in the mirror.

This I know from experience.

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