Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Two weeks ago, while scrolling through my Facebook news feed, a post caught my eye so I back tracked to see what it was. The post was from Louise Hay and as I watched the video linked to the post, it made sense.

If you do not know or have not heard of her, Louise is an author, speaker, soulful teacher, healer and artist. In other words, she is an inspiration to us all!  Her website is http://www.louisehay.com.

Let me ask you a series of questions…

What is the purpose of a mirror?

When you look at your reflection what do you see?

Do you mainly use it to look at your physical appearance (what other’s see)?

Do you look at flaws or what you consider to be flaws first?

Do you look at or see the person in your mirror? (There is a difference.)

Do you like who you see? Love who you see?

This brings us back to Louise Hay and the video that I watched. In it, Robert shares her technique called Mirror Work. Louise has used this technique to “overcome self-doubt, low self-esteem and self-defeating behaviors”. She “credits her success, love and abundance in her life today” to this technique.

When you encounter someone you know, do you not greet them or they greet you in some manner? How does that make you feel? How does it make you feel if you are not greeted, being overlooked or  ignored? The video made me realize that I have overlooked or ignored the most important person in my day more often than not because I haven’t done this on a daily basis. With this technique, the first person (if not first then as soon as possible) you should greet every morning is yourself in the mirror. I do not get out of bed and immediately get ready for the day so I take a moment first thing to look in the mirror, look myself right in the eyes and with a smile tell myself, “Good morning!”

What a way to start the day! The exercises that are taught in the video I will do during my “getting ready” mirror time when I have my undivided attention. It has taken two weeks for me to write about this because even though it made sense to me at the time I watched the video, I do not recommend anything without trying it first. I recommend that you look into Louise Hay’s Mirror Work. (No pun intended.)

You know the old saying, “you feel good when you look good”? It is true having some merit because how you look can boost how you feel. It is superficial to think that how you look determines how you feel. You can look good on the outside to mask how you feel or to create a barrier for the lack of feeling inside.

Let’s flip it…”you look good when you feel good”? When you feel good from the inside it shows through to the outside. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, if your hair is fixed or if your make-up is on because your true beauty comes from within, it comes from the heart. This doesn’t mean you can’t  or don’t change anything physical about yourself, it just means that you do it for the right reasons.

When you really love yourself, your whole self, it reflects through every facet of your life.


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