Service to Others

“Being of service to others”

What does this mean?

Often times I think that the true meaning of this is forgotten

because most service to others goes unrecognized, even by the person doing it.

The idea that to be of service to others requires some sort of title, fame or self-sacrifice is false.

It does not come from any of these things.

Being of service to others comes from within you.

It comes from your heart.

It is showing kindness, caring, love, sympathy, support and understanding to others.

This can be done verbally and/or action.

Simply put, being of service to others is helping another in some way…any way.


If you stop and think about it, this happens every day within the roles that you play in your personal and professional lives or as I like to say, “the many hats that you wear” such as








(even as a) stranger


and in whatever career you chose/choose


You touch the life of every person you meet just as they touch your life.


There is no scale to measure one’s service to others…

no minimum criteria…no rating system…no quota.


Remember even the simplest communication or gesture can make a difference.

It doesn’t matter how many people you help just that you do.

(a lot of times you will not even know that you did)



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