Being the Light in the Storm

It is not always easy to be the Light when a storm enters your life. Especially when that storm is of a personal nature. Sometimes you get overwhelmed, frustrated and unbalanced by it. This is when you have to make a choice using the free will that God gave you….try to handle everything or put some things on the back burner until your balance is restored. It can be a difficult choice but as I have learned there are times when you can not do everything without it affecting you in a negative manner although the things you are doing are positive.

Being the Light in the storm does not mean putting yourself on the back burner. In any storm this is the last thing you want to do. When dealing with a storm in your life, you have to take time to recharge, rest and take care of yourself. I know this is difficult to do but it is a NECESSITY! It doesn’t do anyone any good if you LET the storm drain your energy, disconnect you from your ‘self’ or dim your light. There may be things that you normally wouldn’t have let get under your skin or bother you but they do which then can cause guilt or regret for letting it.

In my case, I chose to put parts of my work on the back burner while I got my mom situated and comfortable after having a minor stroke with the onset of dementia, thus the reason I have not written anything on here for awhile. I experienced inner turmoil even guilt at first as I thought about really needing to write but when it came down to it, what time I could have been writing, I needed for me. Some may say that is selfishness but let me reiterate from above that it is a NECESSITY! Let me also point out that there is a difference between procrastinating and prioritizing. Although I think that sometimes when you prioritize it could feel like procrastination.

Prayer helps so much for the parties involved, the situation at hand and for strength to endure that which awaits you each day. I prayed A LOT. I pray a lot normally but I prayed more than that. I watched even more closely for signs as messages/answers from above.

I found peace and strength through my faith in the Light. I asked for help from God as well as the Ascended Masters, Archangels, my Guardian Angels and my Spirit Guides. I received their help.

It is not weakness to ask for help from above for anything. For when you ask the opposite happens…your faith, trust and belief strengthens. It doesn’t matter if it is a storm or just a sprinkle, they are waiting for you to ask for their help.You are never alone!

When a storm enters your life…(remember to take care of yourself and ask for help if you need it)…and be the Light through the clouds.




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