With my first cup of coffee in hand, I briefly checked Facebook to read my morning post.


After doing so, I changed the message on my website, got another cup of coffee and returned to Facebook to check my news feed.

As I scrolled through it, I came upon this Doreen Virtue post for today.


Then I saw the words “self-sabotage” in a quote that was posted.

All of a sudden the pieces came together…my post, the new message on my website, Doreen Virtue’s post and the words in the quote that had caught my eye.

I should write about this today.

We have all done it. Some more than others.

This phrase can be truth if you let it… “You are your own worst enemy.”

It seems easy to do but how do you stop doing it.

The answer is just as easy.

Not letting negativity, fear or doubt control you just takes practice.

You are in control of what affects you. If you are affected by it, you allowed it in.

It involves being consciously aware of these things in order to dismiss or release them to replace them with positivity until this process becomes automatic. I want you to know that even after this as I have experienced, there may be incidents or issues when the negativity can temporarily get the upper hand but you can fix it just by letting it go and forgiving yourself. Do not make it worse by beating yourself up over it.

In times of what may be considered by you or others as failure, remember there is no such thing as failure because there are usually lessons to be learned from it. These lessons can lead to modifications of your original plan or changing the plan all together to point you in the direction needed to follow your spiritual path.

Warning: There are those who will try to keep you from your spiritual path. Their purpose is to keep you from shining your light as bright as you can. Do not allow it!!!

 Have faith and believe in yourself!

You can do it!

 When you need guidance, clarification, confirmation or anything else, God, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, your angels and spirit guides know you, love you and are here for you… they are just waiting for you to ASK.

Angels watching Earth


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