Do you ever feel like you lead a double life… one physically and one spiritually? 

Are there those in your life who are not like-minded so you are not your true self around them?

Do you put on a mask or disguise when around them to conceal the truth or as a means of protection from any negativity that could be a result from the truth? 

Are there those close to you who know of your spirituality and still try to direct you into their world?

Do you try to appease those who do not respect, believe or accept you as your true self? 

Are there those who consider your spiritual work to be more like a hobby?

Do you put your spiritual work on a back burner when the “hobby believers” are with you?  

Although you may believe that these things are forms of protecting yourself, all you are really doing is maintaining a separation within yourself that can create blockages for spiritual growth.

There will come a point in time when you will have to make an important decision… CHOOSE to continue as you have been or be whole again living your life as you.

It’s at this time that you throw away all of the masks letting your light shine for all to see.


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