Message Received 6/8/16

Sometimes the message comes in pieces and not at the time that you expect it.

I have been trying to figure out for some time, what to put on my tub for decoration. I wanted it to have special meaning to me… for me. I have toiled over what to put in this space to create a relaxing, spiritual environment with all of the options to choose from .

I just kept the mindset that I would know it when I saw it.

Sometimes you get help without directly asking for it.

Spiritual journaling, which I am avid about,  is an important and beneficial tool.

Let me show you…


New Moon.

Woke up briefly at 4:11 am.  Angel number 411 regarding in engaging in creative projects which of course I thought pertained to a new book.

At 2:25 pm I downloaded a free e-book, “The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel” by Doreen Virtue, since Archangel Gabriel as the Messenger of God, helps writers.

Before a hot bubble bath which is a new and full moon ritual for me, I was on Facebook and took a quiz called, “What flower are you?” where it automatically calculates the result without any input from you. The result I got was “Lily of the Valley”.

After my approx. 90 minute soak, I began reading “The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel” and noticed the lilies in the pictures.  I knew that the lily represented the Mother Mary (as with the Fleur de Lys). I did not however remember that it is also a representation of  Archangel Gabriel. The 3 petals represent of course the Holy Trinity.


Woke up briefly at 4:11 am. Angel number 411 regarding engaging in creative projects.

Worked on my writing project.

Thought about using a vase of lilies for my tub décor.


Went to the craft store to get some lilies but they did not have any pure white ones.

4:11 pm. Angel number 411 regarding engaging in creative projects.


Got up and it was 6:11 am. Angel number 611 also regarding engaging in creative projects.

As I got up I checked my phone and the first thing I saw was an email received from Doreen Virtue entitled “Give yourself permission to be creative”.

Later in the morning, I looked at the tub and my candle sitting there. I envisioned a glass container with purple stones and lilies incorporating a candle in the center.

I left the house with the intention of just going to the gas station but ended up at Walmart where I looked for the materials to make my tub arrangement. First I found the exact glass bowl that I envisioned (there was only one left) then I found the lilies I wanted and got them even though they were part of a bouquet with other flowers. Next I found the stones.  I went to the candle department looking and looking but not seeing what I had in mind. As I looked though I started to modify my original design just a bit. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted and refused to settle for what was on the shelf. I went back to the craft section where I had found the glass bowl and right there a couple shelves down was the candle holder I had been looking for. It turned out that it was too small for the size of the bowl but to the right of it I found what I needed….a glass container to hold a candle. After going back to the candle section, I realized that a glass contained candle would fit in the center glass container which was an idea I had so that the candle can be changed without the arrangement getting messed up.

I have been urged to follow the promptings received and act on them accordingly.

Be aware of the messages being sent to you and receive them!

Here is my finished creative project…

Arrangement Rszd


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