Emotional Control

Emotional control is about not allowing your emotions to control you… through your thoughts, words, actions or reactions.

 It’s not about “not feeling” at all.

 You need to feel.

You need to acknowledge what you are feeling.

You need to enjoy your positive feelings remaining grounded.

You need to deal with your negative feelings in a positive, constructive way.

You need to then release the negative feelings.

 When negative emotions are repressed, blockages or walls are created within you. Blockages or walls can also be created consciously for the purpose of self-protection after experiencing pain, sorrow, grief, etc. In truth, this is not self-protection but self-sabotage.

These barriers can eventually prevent you from feeling anything, good or bad.

You can become an empty shell and this is not living.

 As I see it, there are lines that should not be crossed when dealing with both positive and negative emotions. You may be thinking that it makes sense for negative emotions but positive ones also?

________________Positive Line_______________


________________Negative Line________________

When the positive emotional line is crossed it can be construed as arrogance, conceit, superiority or poor sportsmanship (just to name a few) by others.

In other word, that which has uplifted you has the opposite effect on others.

 The goal is to live in between creating a balance. This is done by uplifting yourself from the negativity and uplifting others with the positivity that enters your life. By doing this inner peace and balance can be achieved becoming a part of every aspect of your life and in turn, projecting it outward for others to see and feel.

 When you have emotional control, others cannot use your emotions to control you.

There are those who will attempt to take advantage of both negative and positive emotions for their own gain or agenda. Have you ever encountered a person who took advantage of your generosity, your help, your good heartedness over and over again without giving back in any way to others or helping themselves? What about those who do nothing to extinguish an initial fire (negative situation) or add fuel to it in order to keep it burning making it bigger for the purpose of some sort of personal or professional gain?

Being consumed by emotion creates a “fog” making clear thinking difficult.

This is a perfect time for others to manipulate the situation.


Do not ALLOW others to prey on your emotions!

When you control your emotions,

it’s no longer a tool to be used by others for their benefit.

Let’s start with the basics.

When you experience emotions… consciously remember to breathe.

When we become consumed by emotion it seems we do not do this.

Have you ever told (or reminded) someone to breathe to help them calm down?

Deep breaths are calming.

When you are calmer, you’re able to think more clearly.

Emotional control can be achieved using many methods and occur on many levels…

it just takes practice.



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