Tick Tock

Every ticking second that goes by becomes a part of the past. You can’t get it back and you can’t change it. Mistakes are made… to err is human. It is your thoughts, words, actions and reactions that matter… standing accountable, accepting the consequence, learning the lesson that the mistake teaches, applying that lesson and moving forward or making excuses, placing blame, not taking responsibility for your actions, not learning the lesson intended, not applying the lesson and being stuck where you are or moving backwards.

The events of the past are meant to be learned from to create positive change, not repeated or used as excuses in the present. Every ticking second that goes by becoming a part of the past gives you the opportunity to do things differently, to make positive changes in the present. With each lesson learned and applied, enlightenment is gained. This enlightenment is Divine and it is from this that real change occurs. Looking back throughout history there were a lot of lessons to be learned from all that has taken place. The events that took place happened for a reason. Everything happens for a reason and at the right time. Nothing happens by chance. God is the Creator of All and over sees the “grand design”.

 God gave us free will or the ability to make choices.

It is the choices that you make that define your life.

So what happened?

Have so many lost their way?

Were the lessons not learned, not applied or not passed down from generation to generation?

Were the wrong lessons passed down?

Did those who endured the events so the lessons could be learned, applied and taught to future generations for the betterment of humankind, do so in vain?

Are there too many choosing to be in the Darkness instead of stepping into the Light?

If all the intended lessons the past teaches were learned and applied there wouldn’t be so many issues regarding it today. Instead it seems that there are those who only want to use the past as an excuse to serve an entitlement ideology while others create chaos, destruction and violence. Let’s not forget those who welcome this chaos and division for their own personal gain. These are the ones who take advantage of situations and add fuel to the fire when they arise. This is shown by the headlines about events that have been taking place. It must be understood that the world is not a perfect place and that humans are not perfect. Open minds and open hearts are achieved from the willingness to learn about your “self” (first and foremost) as well as others. It is through this knowledge that enlightenment is gained further opening the mind and heart. When you have an understanding of a topic or situation it becomes that much clearer to you. Being able to recognize what is within your control to change and accept (or at least come to terms with) that which is not is priceless. This cannot be forced upon anyone. It is a conscious choice to be made.

Remember though, that all choices have consequences and there is no way around it. There is usually no objection to receiving a positive consequence for a positive choice made however there is when receiving a negative consequence for a negative choice. Keep in mind that a negative consequence may or may not come from a social or legal origin but it will come from a spiritual/karmic origin. This is guaranteed through the Universal Laws.

You have a choice about how you view the past. We are all God’s children, who make the human race. The battle is not between us, it is between The Light and The Darkness.

The Darkness (in which evil dwells) uses negativity such as fear, anger, despair, hatred, resentment, blame, guilt, oppression, destruction, violence, etc . (real or perceived) to keep you in it:

 P – Perspective

A – Against

S – Self/Social

T – Transformation


The Light uses positivity such as love, forgiveness, compassion, healing, enlightenment, prosperity, abundance, happiness, joy, gratitude, acceptance, etc. for you to choose to be in it:

P – Perspective

A – Allowing

S – Self/Social

T – Transformation


Notice the only difference between the two is what the letter “A” stands for. Like this, sometimes it’s just one little thing that makes the biggest difference.

Which do you choose?


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