Hunter’s Moon 10-16-16

Just came in from spending time in the moonlight feeling the energy as I did a cleansing… a self healing method. During the cleansing, I asked that any blocks, negativity and pain be released from me that I may or may not know about. Out with the “old” to make way for the “new”. After giving thanks, I was getting ready to come in when the thought ‘You didn’t take a picture of the moon’ popped into my head. What did I do? I listened and turned around to take some.

Now during the photo shoot of the moon, I noticed something floating around in and out of the camera screen. I moved the camera and looked but couldn’t find it. I would get the shot ready to take and there is was again. I knew what it was because it has happened many times before but  I was having trouble getting a picture of it.

I finally zoomed out further and presto…there it was. I got it!


It is always nice to get instant confirmation from the spiritual world.




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