Out with the “old”… in with the “NEW”

A few days ago I woke up at 12:55 am and wrote a blog about ‘breakdowns’ but I did not publish it at that time. When a breakdown occurs it needs to be understood that it doesn’t matter what ‘stage’ the event is on. Whether it is personal, family, social, financial, business or government, the same basic principles apply. Now some of these ‘stages’ are more challenging from the onset by the number of people involved and their differing opinions. When something isn’t working properly, something is broken. To determine where the problem lies an assessment is made, choices/options are considered, a plan is created and appropriate action is taken to fix or repair it. Right?

What happens when problems or issues are ignored or not properly dealt with?

We all know that usually things get worse, creating a larger and often times, a more complicated/complex situation to deal with. Sometimes to the point of spiraling out of control. I talk a lot about free will… how every choice made has a consequence (+/-) and how every choice YOU make determines what you do or don’t do in this lifetime.

There is no blaming of others or situations (past or present) for the choices you make.

This is very important to understand because YOU are held accountable for every choice YOU make by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

Cause and Effect = with every action there is a reaction

Although not word for word, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect is summarized by Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune in their book “The Light Shall Set You Free”:

*Nothing occurs by chance   *Responsibility is ours for the creation of our reality (every action creates a reaction)   *Ability to learn to identify the cause of events in our lives for spiritual growth   *Development of will power (strength) and clarity of goals giving the power to create our reality   *Without spiritual awareness, being stuck in separating behaviors blocks growth; control is held by others, there is a lack of self-confidence and it is a struggle to change stereotyped behavior   *As a higher level of consciousness begins to be achieved, lessons and experiences are provided to enhance spiritual growth   *Control over our lives is gained by not engaging in extreme behaviors, the development of will power (strength) and having a sense of purpose, and remaining balanced (centered, calm, peaceful) all the time

This law ALSO applies to US. It holds US accountable collectively as groups, organizations, governments and as a whole, the human race.

What happens when actions and reactions take us off our main path?

God does not abandon those who stray off or take detours along their path. God is with you no matter what but if you stray too far God will intervene by providing opportunities to make other choices. When opportunity after opportunity is rejected or the lessons to be learned are ignored (not applied), major turn of events occur to grab our attention and enlighten us to what is going on with the encouragement to make the positive changes needed to get back on the main path.

God is our Father, our Creator and like any “parent” knows that sometimes ‘tough love’ is required in order for the necessary changes needing to be made to be aligned with the Divine plan are made. I think this is what determines how “bad” or broken down things get and what degree of action is required to get back on track.

Does the breakdown require repair?

Does the breakdown require replacement?

Does the breakdown require rebuilding?

I have belief, faith and hope in humanity, individually and collectively, that growth will occur personally, socially and spiritually.

Last night I stayed up to watch the election until the announcement of the next President of the United States was made. I was looking for confirmation of what I already knew and had seen was going to happen.

I got that confirmation when Donald Trump was named the President Elect.

My recent blogs have been about the NEW energies that are being ushered into our world at this time in preparation of what I consider to be an upcoming super shift. There have been so many signs received over the past year regarding the saying …

“out with old and in with the new”

While drinking coffee this morning I remembered that during the primaries, President Elect Donald Trump used the terms high energy and low energy. Remember nothing happens by chance and there are no coincidences so what do you think about this?

It is a time of CHANGE!

It is a time of RELEASE!

It is a time of HEALING!

It is a time of GROWTH!

It is a time of ENLIGHTENMENT!

It is a time of ASCENSION!

It is a time of LOVE!


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