Need vs. Want

The other day, I caught myself thinking that I “needed” something.

I stopped for a second and asked myself if that was true.

The answer was no.

I did not need it but I wanted it.

This led me to thinking about how these words can easily be interchanged without a conscious awareness of doing so. I went to my office and pulled out the dictionary.

Yes, you read that correctly. I still have and use one.

This is what I found in Webster’s Dictionary

“Need: a lack of something desirable, useful or necessary; a necessity.”

“Want: to wish for or desire, to need, to lack; fail to possess a required amount.”

The meanings do not provide a clear distinction between the two words.

To me, a need is an item of necessity and a want is an item of desire.

I wonder, have technology and senses of entitlement created misconstrued perceptions of what a need is in the younger generations?

It is important to be clear on the meaning of the words you choose. I have talked about the power of words. The goal is to be consciously aware of what you say and how you say it. The words you use influence the result. Using the wrong ones can adversely affect your intended or anticipated answer/outcome in both the material and spiritual worlds.

How do you talk to God?

Do you make demands or requests?

Are you clear about what you are asking for?

Example: A friend of mine told me that she asked for the phone to ring at work and the next day the phone rang but the calls were not from customers. So that night she asked for customers to call at work to schedule appointments and the next day she received calls for appointments from new and existing clients.


Are you asking for what you need or for what you want?

God will not always provide you with what you want when you want it.

God will, however, provide you (in some way) with what you need.

Focus every day on obtaining what you need while striving for what you want.

ALWAYS be thankful for something and express that gratitude.


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