This New Year

Preparations and plans of celebration have been in the works to ring in the New Year as it is every year. You may be wondering about my use of the word “this” in the title.

The Universe has been preparing for THIS New Year also sending an influx of new energy into our physical world through a series of events. (super moons, energy gateways, etc)  What is different about the upcoming New Year from previous ones?

This New Year is a special one…

one being the key word for the use of the word ‘this’.

Let’s take a look at the numerological meanings of January 1, 2017:

Month is a 1.

Day is a 1.

Year is 10 which is reduced to a 1.(1+0=1)

Some of the energies that the number 1 resonates with are new beginnings, creation, progress, independence and success. 2017 is a 1 and is a year of change.

When you look at the date as a whole, you have

111-date-purplewhich has significance spiritual meaning.

Not only do you have the energy of the number 1 but you have the added energy of the Master number 11 which resonates with the connection to the higher self to know and live your soul mission or life purpose. The number 111 is a powerful number of manifestation. It is important to keep your thoughts positive.

Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want.

The combination of the energy of 1 and 11 resonates with Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Enlightenment/Awareness, inspiration, intuition and high energy.

Are you ready for THIS New Year?

It is a time for a conscious release of any and all negativity that you may have such as negative emotions towards self, others, issues, circumstances, events, etc. This can be done at any time or tonight with the New Moon. You can ask for spiritual help from God, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, your angels or spirit guides for releasing any underlying negativity that you may not be consciously aware of.

Another part of the release process is called Cord Cutting. Whenever we have contact or think about another person, an ethereal cord is created between that person and yourself. This cord connects you to that person and energy is transferred through it (positive and negative) in both directions. All cords can be cut at one time and you may consider to do this on a regular basis. Start by sitting up with your back away from the chair. Close your eyes and surround yourself with white light protection then ask Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to please join you. Visualize your attached cords running from your body. Ask Archangel Michael to use his sword to cut all the cords, seeing his sword do so (back, front, legs, arms, etc.). After the cords are cut, ask Archangel Raphael to cover the spots where the cords were with his green healing gel. Visualize the green gel on you. When that is done, ask Archangel Michael to cover the green healing gel with his purple protective rubber. This will protect the areas during healing and prevent the cord from reattaching there. Thank them both for their service and for helping you with this process. Releasing is the first step.

   Second step is to cleanse yourself. You can do this with a White Light Cleansing. Ask that all negativity, debris, obstacles or blocks that are removed be received and transmuted into positive energy by Father Sky and Mother Earth.  Visualize a white beam of light entering the top of your head from Father Sky. Watch the beam flow downward through your skeletal system and out your fingers and toes to Mother Earth. You may feel a warming sensation as the white light flows through your body. Next cleanse your chakras by visualizing a beam of the white light entering  your root chakra (red) flowing upward through the sacral chakra (orange), solar plexus chakra (yellow), heart chakra (green), higher heart (pink), throat chakra (light blue), third eye chakra (indigo) and out the crown chakra (violet) back to Father Sky. Beams of white light are now flowing downward and upward. When you feel or see it the light flowing clear, expand it outward  surrounding yourself with it for protection. Thank Father Sky and Mother Earth for their assistance.


Chakra Color Locations

The above methods can be done at any time throughout the year. Whether you choose to do them on a schedule (weekly, monthly, etc.) or when you are just feeling out of sorts from anything that may occur in your life, I recommend doing so.

The third step begins with thinking about what it is that you really want to change, achieve and receive during the new year. I recommend making a written list of your intentions, goals, affirmations you can refine it to be as specific as you can. Remember that you get what you ask for. Also remember that positive action on your part is required.

For abundance, you can do the following (which I do every year for New Year’s): take a check from your checkbook or if you do not have checks make one, date it, make it out to you by printing your name in all capital letters, put “Paid in Full” in the dollar amount box and also where you write out the amount, sign the check “The Law of Abundance” and on the memo line put the year it is for (in this case 2017). Give thanks for this abundance.

I keep my filled out check on the bookcase in my office with a piece of selenite on it along with my list of intentions, changes and goals for the upcoming year.

May you have a happy and prosperous 2017!

God Bless!


Added note: Not only is the 1st day of the year 111 but the 11th day is


(double Master number 11)


2 thoughts on “This New Year

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. That’s fantastic! The Universe does provide what we ask for. The “paid in full” method on the check sets your intention that abundance is received throughout the year. Then if a certain amount is needed in a certain time frame affirmations and prayer can be used to receive it. Always give thanks for all received. I have done this for years and as you know, it works. May you have a Happy and Prosperous 2017!

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