How are you doing?

Have you been asking yourself this question?

It is always a good idea to check in with yourself on a regular basis but I found myself doing it more often with the influx of new energies in January. Around the energy gateways, new moon and full moon, I made a point to take the time to notice my experiences with them. The physical body needs time to adjust to new energy and to higher frequency energies. Physical ailments can be associated with these adjustments. These are just what I experienced: pressure in the area of the 3rd eye, minor headaches, aches and pains in the joints and muscles, fatigue and at times just the opposite, having boosts of energy. There have been reports of the same plus more from others.

Last Friday afternoon it all started with pieces of the puzzle fitting together from messages I had received. Still thinking about it as I left to get a tea leaf reading which I had not done for quite a while, I received confirmation regarding it all. Now you have to understand that I am a coffee drinker and only drink tea to have a reading so when my friend, Lori looked in my cup and said “You don’t have any chaos or drama in your life and I am hearing the word ‘redo'”.  My first question was “Do I have to drink more tea?”  She smiled and laughed while uttering the word “no”. I was relieved. I re-swooshed my cup and when she looked at it this time it was the same but different from the first time as she got a message that this one was right. Chaos was showing in the now and I knew what it meant. It wasn’t outside chaos it was inside chaos from all of the downloads and influx of information that I have been receiving for weeks for the new book that I am in the process of writing and feeling overwhelmed by it all trying to keep up. Puzzle pieces were also mentioned during my reading and that there was one off to the side yet.

Yep, I knew what that meant also.

The last thing I experienced was cold like symptoms which began last Friday night (1/27/2017) following my new moon routine. As usual, I asked for help in cleansing and releasing any obstacles/barriers so that the energy flowed freely through me from Father Sky down to Mother Earth and from Mother Earth to Father Sky. It wasn’t long after I was finished that I began coughing then felt some congestion starting to build. Saturday was more of the same with the addition of a sore throat. On Sunday it was congestion release day. At some point the date occurred to me (1/29/2017) and I realized it was the last of the 1111 energy gateways to open for now. Everything that had and was taking place made sense now.

Ask yourself.

Be honest with yourself.

Listen to yourself.

Take care of yourself.


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