Words for Thought


“The great blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach; but we shut our eyes, and like people in the dark, we fall foul upon the very thing we search for, without finding it.” ~ Seneca (7 B.C. – 65 A.D.)

Looking within for everything you seek takes practice and patience.

Practice is needed to undo the social conditioning you received in your life, to better understand yourself on a deeper level and to love the person you find (inside and out).

Patience is needed to endure the process as it is ongoing and there will be times when it may seem easier to look outside of yourself, you do it out of habit not consciously aware of it or maybe you discover obstacles that you choose not to deal with like emotional baggage, for an example.

During the process of and by mastering yourself, you will find what you are in search of plus more.


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