Crystals for the Aura

Healing on the Spiritual Level:

There are many reference materials out there to help you regarding crystal use.

This is a quick guide to crystals that can be used for the aura.

Examples of what the aura can look like.

Amber: aligns aura with the mind, body and spirit; draws off negative energy; cleanses

Amethyst: cleanses, heals, protects and draws in Divine energy

Black Jade: guards against negativity

Bloodstone: etheric cleanser

Citrine: cleanses and aligns the aura

Flourite: provides a psychic shield

Green Tourmaline: heals the aura

Jet: protection from other’s negative thoughts

Kunzite: detaches mental influences

Labradorite: energy leakage prevention; protection by aligning the aura to spiritual energy

Magnetite: strengthens the aura

Petalite: release of negative karma and entities

Quartz: cleanses, protects and increases aura field

Selenite: detaches mental influences

Smoky Quartz: grounds; dissolves encased negative patterns

Judy Hall’s “The Crystal Bible” and “The Crystal Bible Vol. 2” are excellent resources to have in your library for crystals.


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