Self Protection

Do you use psychic protection?

(It may also be called intuitive or spiritual protection.)

I cannot stress enough the importance of using protection as a “sensitive” or “intuitive”.

  As one, you are ‘open’ to the spiritual world & the further you ‘open’ the more it entails.

Also as one, you may be an empath, ‘open’ to the energy of others and affected by it.

This is Metaphysics 101…

Protection is needed against psychic attack, negative energy and entity attachment.

A psychic attack is the direction of spiteful, ill willed or malicious thoughts or feelings toward you from another. This can be done on a conscious or unconscious level and it can create illness or disruption in your life. This can also be used by spiritual energies.

Protection is needed from negative energy forms such as anger, hate, pity, sadness, worry, anxiety, irritability, complaining, etc. of the living as well as spiritual negativity. When you absorb the negative energy of others, you may feel drained, irritable, annoyed, angry, sad, etc. for no apparent reason. You may also become withdrawn, physically ill or feel pain. Getting an entity attachment can cause similar effects.

When is protection needed?

Protection is necessary each and every day!

It lasts about 12 hours so make it a part of your morning and nightly routine.


You can add protection at any time. Instances when you want additional protection are…  before going into a possibly negative environment or where there are a lot of people; before going to any psychic function – fair, center, etc.; before entering places where there could be or does have spiritual activity – haunted houses, historic landmarks, historic districts, etc.; before meditation; before healings or readings; and before naps.

True Story

This is what happened when I drove through Savannah, Georgia on a whim on the way home from a trip years ago. Upon reaching the city limits heading to the historic district, all of a sudden I felt sharp pain in my head and then extremely nauseous. At first I felt a panic then by taking my focus off of the pain, I thought about where I was. I immediately looked at my wrists … no bracelets so I reached in my bag for them, quickly putting the tiger’s eye on my left wrist and carnelian on my right one. While doing this, I surrounded myself with light, called on Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for protection and healing. Now this all happened within a couple minutes but in that couple minutes I went from feeling miserable to fine. I had put on protection that morning and as you can see additional or reinforced protection was needed for the spiritual energies that are present there.

The next time I went there, I was prepared.

Forms of Protection


White Light – protection, additional angels; Pink Light – protection against negativity; Green Light – healing shield; Purple Light – psychic protection

Triple Shield – any three colors layered around you


Shield around you or place yourself inside of a lead bullet.

Calling Upon Help:

God, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters

Words of Protection:

Thought or said


Can be worn as jewelry or placed in your home.

Examples: Shield, Cross, Triquetra, Magic Knot


Symbols that can be drawn without the pen leaving the paper are said to be protective.

Use of Crystals:

Smoky Quartz – ability to absorb negativity; Black Tourmaline – ability to absorb negativity and when worn around the neck turns back psychic attack; Amber and Jet – protect your energies; Flourite – highly protective on psychic level; Citrine – absorbs, transmutes, dissipates, grounds negative energy; Amethyst – guards against psychic attack; Tiger Eye – protection stone; Carnelian – powerful protector against rage, envy & resentment; Hematite – dispels negativity, preventing it from entering the aura.



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