Energy Vampires

“An energy vampire is someone who cannot sustain their own energy or life force so they feed off others who are at a higher energetic level. They are unhappy and struggle to find the joy within so they seek it outside of themselves.”

                                                                             ~ Written by Amy of “True Shining Self”

Energy Vampire

Characteristics of an energy vampire:

senses of self-importance/entitlement; the “poor me”-constant complaining/negativity, the world is against them and to blame for their unhappiness; controlling, dominating, the manipulation of your actions; conversation monopolizer –  it’s about their feelings and experiences; “drama queen”-the exaggeration of small events (as the saying goes… making a mountain out of a mole hill), the over inflation of self-importance (better or worse); blame everything on something taking no responsibility for their actions.

The energy vampire can make you into their therapist or on the flip side if not careful, you came make them a project thinking that they are in need of an overhaul.

We are talking about the people who you have contact with frequently or on a regular basis. (friends, family, co-workers, etc.)  When you know of an energy vampire, you can limit the amount of contact you have with them.

When you hardly see or talk to someone, do not misconstrue the contact as an “encounter” because of the emotional roller coaster that can be ridden. Pre-contact excitement builds until it is released at the time of contact which then changes your mood. When it comes to “catching up”, there is usually a lot of negativity shared depending on how long it has been since your last contact, further dampening the mood. The next thing you know it takes a positive shift and you are on your way back up.

Signs you have encountered an energy vampire:

fatigue, tiredness, feeling drained/withdrawn – these can be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual; mood change for the worse during encounter – anxiety, sadness, anger, frustration, irritability; question or doubt your self-worth; headache, dizziness, feel light-headed, mind confusion (fog), change in breathing, queasiness, pain; you feel better after leaving the environment or ending a conversation with a person.

Energy vampires feed on a person’s energy resources!

Most relate the term energy vampire to people.

It is important to know that an energy vampire does not have to be a person. It can also be a place or thing… space, room, building, place, object, entity, spirit, attachment, etc. A place can hold the residual energy, the energy left behind, from some or all of those who have been there before, living and/or deceased and from events that took place there or near it. Like places, a thing can hold the residual energy of previous owners as well as of any or all who have touched it and events that is was part of.

The signs are the same as above and can also include illnesses.

Everything is made of energy which carries a vibration.

An energy sensitive or energy intuitive can sense and/or see energies and read them. This ability enables the detection of an energy vampire in whatever form it takes. Energy healers, psychic mediums, shamans, etc. depending on their specific (specialized) abilities can help regarding entities, spirits and attachments.

Use Protection Against ALL Energy Vampires!!!

This creates a barrier or shield around you to keep them out of your space and protect your energy. Surround yourself in Spiritual/Psychic Protection EVERY DAY!

White Light – Purple Light – Pink Light – Triple Shield – Gold Shield, Mirrors

Call upon the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Guardian Angels or your Spirit Guides

Wear or carry protection crystals

Use crystal grids to protect areas, rooms, houses, builidings

Smudge to help keep the energy in spaces, areas, rooms, houses, buildings cleansed.


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