What is holding you back?

When this question is asked, it is easy to answer with everything except the truth.





These answers are scapegoats… falsehoods.

They give you a false sense of justification for where you are in your life.

The question to ask isn’t ‘What is holding you back?’.

The question is ‘WHO is holding you back?’.


This is the blame game that is used a lot and is also a falsehood.

There is only one truthful answer to this question.


You determine your life through the choices you make and the consequences (positive/negative) that are the result of your choices.

You and ONLY you are held accountable for every choice you make.

Sometimes you are held accountable by man’s law.

 You are always held accountable by spiritual law.

(Universal Law – Law of Cause and Effect)

Hold yourself accountable!

Accept responsibility for the choices you make regarding your thoughts, emotions, words, actions and reactions!

Learn from your mistakes (as well as those made by others) so not to repeat them.

Have a thirst for knowledge and quench your thirst with truth.

Enlightenment can be gained that will help you make the choices to achieve the positive result you desire.


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