On the Path

Path of Awareness

This path is the awareness of self. To gain awareness is to ask yourself questions… including the tough ones. To find the questions to ask, one must take notice of one’s thoughts, feelings, actions/reactions and surroundings. One must also be receptive to messages sent in many different forms. How can anything be changed if it is not brought into awareness?

Path of Understanding

This is the path of searching for the answers to your questions. It will involve self-rediscovery, self honesty and maybe even some guidance from others. It is said “to know and understand oneself is to unlock the door of wisdom”.

Path of Enlightenment

This is the path of finding the answers. Through the answers, enlightenment is gained. Sometimes it is easier to ask the question than to find the answer. It is necessary to face whatever truths you uncover, no matter how hard they may be to accept.

Path of Integration

This is the path of applying what you learn to your daily life. All levels of your life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It will take a conscious effort until it becomes integrated in your life as all things new take some practice.

Path of Least Resistance

Energy follows the path of least resistance so through the other four paths, walls and blocks can (will) be removed. Once removed this allows the flow of energy to change as a new path of least resistance is created, a positive one.

Please note that you can be on all paths simultaneously and it is important not become overwhelmed by the experience. If it happens, breathe, do something fun, do something that relaxes you, talk with like-minded people and always remember that you can ask for spiritual help.


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