Himalayan Salt Bath: Cleanse n Detox

I have been taking Himalayan salt baths for many years and is one of the best things that I do for myself on a regular basis. It is important to take care of yourself. It is a great way to relax and recharge your body and mind.

It is also a great way to cleanse and detox on the spiritual level.

Himalayan Salt is usually pink in color.

It has many benefits containing over 84 minerals/elements.

Minerals and trace elements are absorbed easier through the skin in the form of ions such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.

It improves the texture, tone and appearance of your skin.


Eases aches & pains

Aides in restful sleep

Cleanses the skin


Stimulates circulation

Aides respiratory relief (sinus health)

Eases bloating

Soothes bites & blisters

On the Spiritual Level:

Detox the energy field

Purify/Rejuvenate energy field & aura

Repairs holes in the aura & helps to remove blockages

Promotes spiritual, mental, emotional balance (decrease negativity)

I started by using a coarser grain (pictured below) because I just happened upon it while shopping one day. If you use a courser grain you will want to make sure that the salt has time to dissolve before entering the tub. Believe me when I say, “You don’t want coarser undissolved salt in your bath when you get in.” This is the reason I recommend adding it early. After using the contents of the bottle, I changed to fine grain salt which dissolves quickly.

A Himalayan salt bath is a soaking bath only.

You can shower prior to soaking if needed. Try making it a standard practice in your self-care routine, taking at least one a week to cleanse and detox. I highly recommend it more often for active practitioners (healers, psychics, etc.). New and full moons are times for cleansing and detoxing. I make it a priority to soak on these nights. *Always use protection.

You can create a peaceful environment that encompasses all the senses to enhance your experience by lighting candles, burning incense and playing soft music.


Start running your bath water and add your salt when the water covers the bottom of the tub. (essential oil and/or foam bath also but optional)

While your bath water is running create your peaceful environment

Soak for 20 – 30 minutes

Do not rinse

Pat dry or dry naturally

It has been said to wait at least 30 minutes before going to bed after soaking. (Most of the time I am up a lot longer than the 30 minutes but there have been times when I was so relaxed that I was in bed asleep within 15 minutes.)

You can use only Himalayan salt or Dr. Teal’s has a Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak which is a mixture of Himalayan Salt and Epsom Salt. (I use both.)

Additionally, you can add an essential oil and/or foaming bath to the water. (which I also do because I like bubbles)

I also use a Himalayan salt scrub, applying it directly to the skin.

You will notice a difference the first time you try it and after trying it, you will want to continue doing it.

** I only share what I have tried but there are many products on the market to choose from. **

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