Root of All Evil

Is money the root of all evil as the saying goes?

We know the literal interpretation is not truth.

If it were, evil could be conquered easily.

Like many things throughout history and today, the focus was/is placed

on something to create a specific response or instill a certain mind-set.

What is the intended interpretation of this phrase?

When you think about money what comes to mind?

Greed, power, elitism and conceit?

Lacking, powerless, unimportant and unworthy?

Money can be a common denominator of the mentalities (ideologies)

mentioned above so, the use of it in the saying is understandable.

It is simple, relatable and makes an impact.

Is success and failure measured by money?

Ideology effects one’s perspective, speech, action and reaction.

When you think of the ideologies mentioned above, do you think

of a temporary mind-set or a constant mind-set?

Extreme ideology is constant and consuming.

Is extreme ideology the actual root of all evil?

Could this be the message the phrase meant to convey?


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