True Self vs. Ego

What are some of the differences between your true self and ego?

True self is your higher self, your “ME”. Life is defined as spirit focusing on being. There is nothing to do or get as all needs are here in the now. There is only one mind and we are all part of that one mind.

Ego believes that matter is solid and it has a mind of its own. Life is bodies and other matter focusing on doing or getting. Ego demands belief in time to measure what’s happened before and after.

Ego has a purpose but needs to be kept consciously in check for it will attempt to keep you from finding, embracing and being your higher self, your ME through the use of excuses, greed, anger, doubt, guilt, worry, fear, pity, laziness, busy-ness, bitterness, sorrow, grief, jealousy, envy and the list goes on.

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