Keeping the Faith

Having faith is easy when things are or seem to be going well in your life. When things are going as you want them to, there is little to challenge your faith. It is when you are faced with hardship, adversity, uncertainty and the unknown that you find your faith challenged. These are precisely the times (like now with the covid-19 virus) when your faith is needed the most. These are also the times when you may discover that your faith is not as strong as you perceived it to be or outside sources attempt to diminish it, making it difficult to keep it. Your faith can be the difference between succumbing to or shining bright in the darkness. Remember, your faith gives you strength. Use this strength to be a beacon of light in the darkness guiding others out of the dark and become beacons of light themselves. The darkness will fade further and further away as the light becomes bigger and brighter with each additional light that is lit.

Faith and prayer go hand in hand. Not only do you find strength in your faith but also in prayer. Both are very powerful tools. Prayer is speaking to God (or whatever name you use) and God listens. Pray and give thanks. Be aware of the signs and messages that are received as the answers may not be what you expect them to be or be more than you expect them to be.

Stay strong in your faith. Stay strong in prayer.


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