In the Darkness

We have all experienced darkness in our lives. It can be overwhelming if you allow it to be. Whether the darkness experienced is as an individual, a group or a collective, what makes the difference is what you choose to do when it occurs. You can choose to remain in it as stated below or overcome it. When you learn to overcome the darkness, you can then become immune to it. (another conversation)

Darkness is the absence of light and it is created by humans. It is fed by negativity like drama, anger, frustration, FEAR, hate, division, violence, disappointment, bitterness, resentment, loss, grief, unworthiness, weakness, labeling, bullying, judgment, ridicule, threats, cancellation, chaos, unrest, etc.

Lee Carroll channels the entity Kryon. This was channeled in February, 2006:

“3 Kinds of Humans Who Lay in the Dark”

Group 1 – Those who tremble in fear since they can’t see anything

Group 2 – Those who take advantage of those in #1 since they understand that a fearful human can be controlled.

Group 3 – Those who have a light in their pocket but are uncertain that it will work… afraid to turn it on since it will show where they are and they won’t be anonymous anymore.

from Kryon: Lifting the Veil by Lee Carroll. Book 11, Chapter 12, Pg 258

Although this message was presented in 2006, it is still evident and relevant today. We see it in our lives and in society. “Fires” are being ignited and fueled with the negative energy of events from the past, in the present and about the future. It is important to know, understand and remember that no matter what is said or how it may appear, you will not find healing in the darkness. So ask yourself, “Do I belong to one of these groups above?” You have to be honest with yourself to get the true answer to that question. Let me ask you this. How can you change it if you are unaware that you are in it? It’s simple… you can’t. If you find that you belong to one of these groups, you have a choice to make. Do you stay or get out of the darkness? It is your choice.

Think about this… light can exist in darkness but darkness can’t exist in light.

What would happen if those in Group 3 chose to shine their light?

Would those in Group 1 be able to see thus lessening their fear?

What would happen if those in Group 1 have less fear?

Would those in Group 2 change without people to take advantage of and control?

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