About Me

Spiritualist – Energy Healer – Author – Spiritual Enlightenment Advocate –  Lightworker – Ordained Minister


“Through writing, speaking and healing, my spiritual mission is to enlighten, inspire and motivate others regarding spiritual and personal growth as well as to raise awareness encouraging social growth in the world.” ~ Robbie Kaye

Years ago, I realized that I had changed in a negative way.

I was bitter, angry, distant and going through the motions of my life.

I found myself interacting more on Facebook talking to high school friends and posting a daily “good morning” message. An old friend posed some questions to me about life and the response to my philosophical answers was one of “where did you read these words?” My reply was that I had not read them anywhere, the words were mine.

A little time went by and I could no longer deny that changes needed to be made in my life.

Some called what I was experiencing the “empty nest” syndrome or a “mid-life crisis”.

It was neither…….I AWAKENED!

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