Root of All Evil

Is money the root of all evil as the saying goes? We know the literal interpretation is not truth. If it were, evil could be conquered easily. Like many things throughout history and today, the focus was/is placed on something to create a specific response or instill a certain mind-set. What is the intended interpretation … More Root of All Evil

March 3rd in a 3 Year

Today’s date is significant in that when reduced, it is The number 3 signifies many attributes. Some of which are: increase, expansion, growth and abundance on all levels of being. (physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual) The number 3 is associated with the Trinity and the Ascended Masters. 3 = Jesus Connection Take advantage of … More March 3rd in a 3 Year

On the Path

Path of Awareness This path is the awareness of self. To gain awareness is to ask yourself questions… including the tough ones. To find the questions to ask, one must take notice of one’s thoughts, feelings, actions/reactions and surroundings. One must also be receptive to messages sent in many different forms. How can anything be … More On the Path