Crystals for the Chakras

Healing on the Spiritual Level: This is a quick guide to crystals that can be used for the chakras.   Crown Chakra (purple): Citrine, Quartz, Clear Tourmaline, Lepidolite 3rd Eye Chakra (indigo): Apophyllite, Herkimer Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Kunzite, Lepidolite Throat Chakra (light blue): Turquoise, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Amber, Kunzite, Lepidolite Heart Chakra (green): Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Kunzite, … More Crystals for the Chakras

Healing with Crystals

It is important to know about the crystals that you use. The How: How to care for them. How to cleanse them. How to program them. How to recharge them. How to use them (placement: stone, jewelry, etc.). The What: What are the attributes of the stone: overall, psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual and healing. Do … More Healing with Crystals

Full Moon 11-25-15

November’s full moon is Wednesday night. It is called the Beaver Moon as well as the Full Frost Moon. This may seem like a chaotic time with Thanksgiving the following day but it is the perfect time as we prepare to celebrate the day of thankfulness. Please take time during this full moon to be still and … More Full Moon 11-25-15