This practice has been around for 1000’s of years. It was used in Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and by Native Americans. Smudging can be done on any space, object or person. Here are some instances when you may want to smudge: A SPACE: the energy within it feels like pressure around you, the … More Smudging

This New Year

Preparations and plans of celebration have been in the works to ring in the New Year as it is every year. You may be wondering about my use of the word “this” in the title. The Universe has been preparing for THIS New Year also sending an influx of new energy into our physical world through a series … More This New Year

Do you sleep?

Do you wake up feeling tired even after many hours of sleep? Do you have dreams? If so, do you remember them? Do your dreams feel life-like? Do you have nightmares?      You may or may not be aware of the possibility of this happening. When your physical body and conscious state of mind are relaxed and resting, it is … More Do you sleep?