While scrolling through Facebook this morning, I read a friend’s post and the comments written regarding a 40 ft. memorial in the shape of a cross built in 1925 honoring 49 local servicemen who lost their lives in WWI that an atheist group wants removed. Rather than commenting on the post, I am writing this … More THE CROSS

Spiritual Journaling

I have kept a daily spiritual journal for many, many years. It is one of the most personally rewarding things I have done. When keeping this type of journal, the information received and the insight gained is remarkable! Messages from above are sent to you each and every day. They can be answers to your questions, … More Spiritual Journaling

Added Bonus on 9/27!!

     9/27/2015 What a busy day this will be tomorrow! Mercury is in retrograde! The full moon, known as the Harvest Moon (due to the correlation with the Autumn Equinox that took place 9/23/15) occurs. This year it is a supermoon which means that it will be at a the point that is closest to earth making it look huge. … More Added Bonus on 9/27!!

Do you look or do you see?

                   I pose this question because there is a difference between looking and seeing just like there is a difference between hearing and listening but that is a conversation for another post. It is important to consciously know this in order to receive visual messages sent to you within the physical world from the spiritual realm. You may … More Do you look or do you see?