Tick Tock

Every ticking second that goes by becomes a part of the past. You can’t get it back and you can’t change it. Mistakes are made… to err is human. It is your thoughts, words, actions and reactions that matter… standing accountable, accepting the consequence, learning the lesson that the mistake teaches, applying that lesson and … More Tick Tock

What Love Isn’t

Love isn’t physical, psychological and emotional abuse. It isn’t threats, coercion, humiliation, harassment, intimidation and isolation. Abuse isn’t about love…it IS about power and control. Abusers are not born they are made. Abusive behavior is learned. “Every crime has a victim but every victim is not from a crime.” Do not be silent… SPEAK OUT!! (To teens: This … More What Love Isn’t

Service to Others

“Being of service to others” What does this mean? Often times I think that the true meaning of this is forgotten because most service to others goes unrecognized, even by the person doing it. The idea that to be of service to others requires some sort of title, fame or self-sacrifice is false. It does … More Service to Others

A Fingertip Away

While checking Facebook this morning, I came across a video that was made showing the danger associated with being online. It shows three girls, ages of 12-14, talking online to a “15 yr. old boy” (which was a fake profile) and being asked to meet him. The parents of the girls were in on this and present at … More A Fingertip Away

Killing Guns

I have been watching broadcast after broadcast and reading article after article about the use of guns in mass murders. When is it going to be understood that weapons are material objects incapable of committing murder. People commit murder! God gave all of us free will. That is having the ability to make your own … More Killing Guns

“Love and Light”

I sat here this morning thinking about all that is going on in the world. There is some form of darkness almost everywhere I turn.   I wondered… “What will it take for things to change?” Answer received:  “It will take Love and Light” “Where does it start?” Answer received: “It starts with you and me.” “When does it begin?” Answer … More “Love and Light”

Not forgotten but…

  On this day, we remember those whose lives were lost as well as the families, friends and co-workers left behind 14 years ago. Although life has gone on, the images of that day will remain in our minds always. Let us also remember all the lives that have been lost around the world to this horrific behavior called … More Not forgotten but…

“Is the glass half empty or half full?”

The answer to the question tells a lot about you…your perception and choices. Your perception influences your choices. Perception is how you view people, events and objects. Your perception is based on what you believe, what you are taught, what you learn and what you experience. It is also through these things that your perception can change. Pessimist … More “Is the glass half empty or half full?”

The Wrapper

Do you remember the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? When receiving a present, what is most important to you…the wrapping or what’s inside? What’s inside, right?  You don’t care how it is wrapped. People are no different. The wrapping is the physical body (gender/race) and taking it one step further, the clothing that decorates it. The important … More The Wrapper