This New Year

Preparations and plans of celebration have been in the works to ring in the New Year as it is every year. You may be wondering about my use of the word “this” in the title. The Universe has been preparing for THIS New Year also sending an influx of new energy into our physical world through a series … More This New Year

Need vs. Want

The other day, I caught myself thinking that I “needed” something. I stopped for a second and asked myself if that was true. The answer was no. I did not need it but I wanted it. This led me to thinking about how these words can easily be interchanged without a conscious awareness of doing … More Need vs. Want

Question 10-13-16

Have you noticed any changes that may be preparing you for the energy shift that will occur with the full super moon 10-16-16? Examples: Dreams or lack thereof? Increased vibrational levels? Fatigue or insomnia? Confusion or clarity? Receiving numerous signs or messages? Change in diet or cravings? Mood swings or release of emotion? Increased awareness? I … More Question 10-13-16

Stagnant Energy

Have you walked into a room and felt a heaviness surround you? Have you felt pressure or a thickness against you as you walked through a room? Have you been in a room that felt stuffy, almost suffocating? Have you been in a room for a while and your mood changed in a negative way? … More Stagnant Energy

What Love Isn’t

Love isn’t physical, psychological and emotional abuse. It isn’t threats, coercion, humiliation, harassment, intimidation and isolation. Abuse isn’t about love…it IS about power and control. Abusers are not born they are made. Abusive behavior is learned. “Every crime has a victim but every victim is not from a crime.” Do not be silent… SPEAK OUT!! (To teens: This … More What Love Isn’t


With my first cup of coffee in hand, I briefly checked Facebook to read my morning post. After doing so, I changed the message on my website, got another cup of coffee and returned to Facebook to check my news feed. As I scrolled through it, I came upon this Doreen Virtue post for today. … More Self-Sabotage?